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MMM-Carousel Issue

  • Hi,

    I have installed the MMM-Carousel module, but I get ‘MMM-Carousel module_0_MMM-Carousel’ displayed on the screen at the position configured in config.js for MMM-Carousel.

    Does anyone know what causes this to be displayed and how to stop it ? I get the same message displayed irrespective of which fork of MMM-Carousel I install.

    Thank You,


  • @Dunc12 Here is my config on MMM-Carousel .

    instead of in each modules section. I just have a few that I really need full screen due to my eyesight. Hopefully this helps you figure it out. MMM-CalendarExt and Ext2 have to be on the first line under slides or Carousel has

    problems like you are.

        modules: [
                        module: "MMM-Carousel",
                        config: {
                                transitionInterval: 47000,
                                ignoreModules: [],
                                mode: "slides",
                                slides: [
                                        ["MMM-ATM", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["MMM-BMI", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["calendar", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["calendarH", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        //["calendarN", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["calendar_monthly", "clock", "complime$
                                        ["MMM-CloneWarsQuotes", "clock", "compl$
                                        ["MMM-COVID19", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["MMM-DailyQuote", "clock", "compliment$
                                        ["MMM-Gas", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["MMM-GmailFeed", "clock", "compliments$
                                        ["MMM-History", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["MMM-icanhazdadjoke", "clock", "compli$
                                        ["MMM-ImagesPhotos", "clock", "complime$
                                        ["MMM-MyWordOfTheDay", "clock", "compli$
                                        ["MMM-Parcel", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["MMM-quote-of-the-day", "clock", "comp$
                                        ["MMM-rfacts", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["MMM-SimpleLogo", "clock", "compliment$
                                        ["MMM-SugarValue", "clock", "compliment$
                                        ["on-this-day", "clock", "compliments"],
                                        ["random_quotes", "clock", "compliments$

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