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MMM-Pages - no rotation

  • Hi togehter,
    I´m new at MagicMirror. I want to use the Module MMM-Pages. But there is no rotation at all.

    modules: [
    			module: 'MMM-pages',
    			config: {
    					[["MMM-Timetable" ],
    					 ["MMM-Timetable2" ],
    					 ["MMM-Timetable3" ]],
    				fixed: [ "MMM-GooglePhotos", "clock", "currentweather", "weatherforecast", "newsfeed", "MMM-CalendarWeek" ],
    Is there anything wrong in my config.js?


  • define rotation time

    [ "MMM-Wallpaper" ,  "MMM-EmbedYoutube" , 'MMM-GooglePhotos' , "MMM-Widget13" , "clock" , "newsfeed" ]],
    rotationTime: 20000,

  • Worked…thanks.
    I think the solution was too easy 😉

  • But now doesn´t work my Module MMM-Timetable. My 3rd-Version is displayed correct. But Version 1 & 2 are displayed without any content. 😢

  • i can’t help you with this module. check config and position. you can add “disabled: true” to MMM-pages and some other modules to check the display

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