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v.2.13.0 MMM-calendarweek does not sync anymore

  • With version 2.13.0 I’m not able to sync my calendars anymore. I suppose this is driven by the change from ical to node-iCal.
    Please provide an update or solution on how to get the calendar sync back in place.

  • @wakawalli ical library is still present… can u show any messages on the console or in the developer window?

  • Hi I haven’t been precise enough.

    I figured now out after some testing that the problem applies only to weekly scheduled events. All these weekly events are shown 1 day ahead of the planned schedule.

    Fortnightly scheduled events are shown properly.

    There is still the issue with a Default “Event” shown everytime the calendar gets refreshed - which I managed to remove by adding some code to the MMM-CalendarWeek excluding events with the Name “Event”

  • @wakawalli for non -ical users we fixed the node-ical library
    there are additional fixes in the develop branch… (and will be more, once the node-ical accepts and publishes my old-ms timezone name fixes)

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