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MMM-Alexacontrol and MMM-Selfieshot question

  • Hi,
    first of all, a huge compliment to all developers for this great project.
    Unfortunately I am not that talented, but in the last months I have built a really excellent running mirror. Unfortunately, I am now encountering a problem where I really don’t know how to realize it. I would like to open the MMM-Selfieshot module via my echo plus and let a selfie shoot by command. The Pages module already allows me to open the individual pages, but how can I get my Echo Plus to shoot a selfie by command?
    As far as I understood, this is done via notification, but here I lack the knowledge. Could one of you please help me to understand how this could work in principle?I have ordered a camera (original PiCamera), but haven’t received it yet, but as I said, I would like to understand the principle already.

    Thank you very much…

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