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keyboard /carousel

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                module: 'MMM-Carousel',
                position: 'bottom_bar', // Required only for navigation controls
                config: {
                    transitionInterval: 10000,
                    ignoreModules: ['clock', 'alert'],
                    mode: 'slides',
                    showPageIndicators: true,
                    showPageControls: true,
                    slides: {
                        main: ['calendar', 'MMM-PLOW', 'MMM-Tools', 'newsfeed', 'MMM-TuyaSL', 'MMM-NowPlayingOnSpotify',],
                        "slide 2":['newsfeed', 'MMM-PLOW', 'MMM-TuyaSL',],
                    keyBindings: { 
                        enabled: true,
                        map: {
                            NextSlide: "ArrowRight", 
                            PrevSlide: "ArrowLeft", 
                            Slide0:    "Home"
                        mode: "DEFAULT"
        module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
        config: {
            evdev: { enabled: false },
            enableKeyboard: true,

    can anyone explain to me why my keyboard and mouse are not working

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