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Not able to exclude events from default calendar

  • Hello,

    I am not able to exclude certain events from the default calendar.

    For example I am trying to hide the event “Allerheiligen”. I use this calendar “” with the following configuration:

          module: "calendar",
          header: "Schweiz Feiertage",
          position: "top_left",
          config: {
            maximumEntries: 5, // Total Maximum Entries
            excludedEvents: ['Allerheiligen'],
            timeFormat: "absolute",
            dateFormat: "DD. MMM ",
            dateEndFormat: "LT",
            fullDayEventDateFormat: "DD. MMM",
            calendars: [{
              symbol: "calendar-check",
              url: "",

    Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong with the configuration or what the problem might be?

  • @theskyisthelimit hm…

    I used your excluded list (cut/paste) and ics and they were excluded…
    ( I had a second excluded: in the config.js cal entry and it won the 1st time)

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