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MMM_Webradio and MMM-Remote-Control won't work

  • Hi Guys
    To be honest: This is my first day programming my PI with MagicMirror and I love it. At the moment my goal is that I can create a standalone solution for showing me Date/Time, Weather forecast and to provide me the possibility to control my webradio. I use a Pi3b with a 7" TouchDisplay.

    I was able to manage my WebRadio stations with MMM_Webradio and installed also MMM-Remote-Control. My Idea is to setup a small menu on the Bottom_Left to control MMM_Webradio. Therefore I configured my config.json with the following code:

          module: 'MMM-Remote-Control',
          header: 'Steuerung',
          config: {
    //        showModuleApiMenu: false,
    //        apiKey: '*********',
            customCommand: {
              'Webradio ON or OFF': 'WEBRADIO_ONOFF'

    I can access my Pi with http://IP:8080/remote.html and I’m also able to show in the bottom_left corner the IP Address of this MagicMirror but my menu is not shown. I can see on my display my date/time, weatherforecast, my webradio initial screen but no MMM-Remote-Control menu.

    Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

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