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Calendar can switch on notifications

  • Hello!

    I have a face recognition module installed. Whenever a person stands in front of the mirror, the module sends out a ‘this.sendNotification(“USERS_LOGIN”, user)’.
    After this notification, I would like the calendar module to display this certain user’s calendar.
    Can anyone help with this?

    I would start of with the following added to the calendar module:

    notificationReceived: function(notification, payload, sender) {
    		var self = this;
    		switch (notification)
    		      case "USERS_LOGIN":
                         // Put the appropriate calendar on the screen		
    		      case "USERS_LOGOUT_MODULES":
                          //Show the default calendar again

  • @Edohvin u would create multiple calendar modules, one for each user, give it a class, and use that to show/hide by user

  • @sdetweil Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I can implement this very easily, but then I would have to run 30 calendar modules at the same time. (29 would just be hidden, and one would actually show). Won’t that slow things down?

  • @Edohvin said in Calendar can switch on notifications:

    Won’t that slow things down?

    Possibly, but that is how the face reco, page, etc module’s work. Mm runs modules at startup. They can be hidden.
    But you can’t add a new one on demand.

    30 might be more than a pi can handle

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