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MMM-PIR-Sensor and mirror not waking up.

  • Re: MMM-PIR-Sensor Guide with Edits and Updates

    Hi all,

    Recently my mirror seems to lock in sleep mode even if I’m infront of my PIR sensor. This seems to happen randomly as the PIR sensor has been working fine. The only way to resolve it is to power off my raspberry pi and turn it back on.

    Has anyone else experienced this? And do you know where I can find log files to investigate the issue?



  • @dubalda connect via ssh from Windows.

    Maybe there us info in the log.
    If started w pm2,

    pm2 logs -lines=???

    ??? Is number, default 15

  • Thanks Sam, I currently don’t use PM2 to start my mirror. I manually run “npm start”.

    I was hoping there are some log files to see why it freezes.

  • Hi @sdetweil ,

    I finally managed to use PM2 and here what I see in the error log when my mirror crashes.

    [1554:1214/] Out of memory.

    It’s strange as I never had this issue before and I haven’t been using any new modules. Any suggestions?

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