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MM Motion screen

  • I have seen a few tutorials but I haven’t seen anyone do it like this. I like to know if it would be possible. I know anything is possible with raspberry Pi but I am still in my novice stage so bare with me. The scenario is below.

    When no one is home the mirror is off.
    When someone walks from one direction to the next the artwork/photos would appear, not the modules with information using the PIR
    When someone stop in front of it for more than 5 minutes the modules with information would then appear on the screen using a different sensor. I would imagine ladar/prox/thermal sensor to see the person. The person walks away and 15 seconds later the modules turn off but the artwork/photos is still running for another X about of minutes.

    Has anyone ever thought about this or would it be possible. I don’t know anything about java but I am in the learning stage and boy do I have a ton to learn.

    Any feedback would be appreciated


  • @Viperzee will take two sensors and a special module for part 1

  • @sdetweil I knew it would take 2 sensors. First being a PIR and the second sensor that can see an person in front for more then a few seconds.

    I like to know if someone may have already developed this type of module.

  • @Viperzee i have not seen anything like that in the 3 years i have been here

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