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Use MM as a screensaver?

  • Hope this is in the right place. So I have a pi ready to go and had a thought. I’m working on a display for my small office and team. A few times a day one of us will need to enter some data into a database that runs on the pi. It’s kind of our way of updating everyone of the situation. I’ve found MM to be the perfect fit for displaying the data on a screen, but I’d like to still use the pi to be able to allow my co-workers to enter data as needed and then have the pi return to it’s display after a few moments. Curious if this is in any way possible? We’ve already got the application we need to enter the data and I’ve got a clear idea of how to get it to the display. Just looking for an easy way for users to dump out of the MM fullscreen display to enter the data and then have the mirror come back up when they’re done.


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