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MMM-Alexa don't work :/

  • I install the MMM-Alexa and MMM-AlexaPi,and i don’t work
    MMM-Alexa give me a yellow-orange square and MMM-AlexaPi give me a strikethrough microphone.
    What im doing bad?
    I have the Alexa(another project) and it’s working fine(obviously that im not running both at the same time).
    I need to use the button to get Alexa start listening?
    In that case,can somebody say me where the button goes,which pins?

  • @theusu5k MMM-AlexaPi is module that show what is sending to it so you need to install this as well.

    As for MMM-alexa, it need to be activated either by receiving the right notification or by using a button. I’m not sure on which pins the button should go though

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