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Raspberry hangs sporadically after turning monitor on/off

  • Hello,
    I build a Magic Mirror with my Raspberry PI. Everything works fine.

    But sometimes (every 1-2 days), the Raspberry hangs after he turned on or off the monitor.

    At first i used this commands:
    sudo vcgencmd display_power 1
    sudo vcgencmd display_power 0

    => Result: Sometimes the Monitor freezed. (even if i killed the magic mirror application via ssh, the monitor was freezed).
    Really really bad was the fact, that i can’t reboot the raspberry via ssh. when i try “sudo reboot”, the raspberry looses the wifi connection, but doesn’t reboot. => not usable any longer.

    Then i tried this commands:
    tvservice --preferred
    tvservice --off

    But here, sometimes, the tvservice hangs after 1-2 days. i can’t control the monitor any longer.
    “tvservice --status” hangs also, and doesn’t get more informations.

    With the tvservice commands i can reboot my system, but reboot every day, is not really cool.

    Does someone have an idea? i already switched the power supply, but nothing changed.
    and i’m sure, that it happens always 2-3 seconds after the monitor turning on or off.

    Kind Regards

  • I got the same problem with my mirror so is it an solution?

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