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Alexyak/motiondetector... how to?


    First let me start by saying that I know nothing about coding… I’m barely IT literate, so go n00b with the answers please! 🙂

    I’ve managed to get MagicMirror installed and running on the rPi, I have the rPi camera which I would like to use as to detect when someone is in front of the mirror and come on for a minute or so.

    The module linked above didn’t come with any documentation that I could find, so other than downloading the files into my MM modules directory on the rPi and adding this to my MM config file:

    		module: "motiondetector"

    I don’t know what to do. The screen just stays on indefinitely. Are there some settings I’m missing?

    Also, I did verify that the camera is plugged in and working, the rPi had no trouble using it to take a picture.

    I’ve been trying to find mm log files or something so that I could even see if the motiondetector module was working, but I don’t know where to look or how to access those either.

    Thanks for any pointers or troubleshooting steps!

  • Anyone have any advice???

    Is there some way to check system logs or something?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello! I guess waht module is doing it tells to other modules (via sensocketnotification method) kind of “hey I detected motion”. But first of all, after launching npm start keep looking at the console and check for module errors.

  • @Sultan91

    Ok, so what is npm and what’s the console? Sorry!

  • I’ve been reading lots of other modules and they all have instructions that say to use the " npm install" command… Do I need to do that for this mod?

    I’m sorry but there were NO instructions with this mod, and I’m NOT a technical person.

  • @Centurion I haven’t used that module though. But for what purposes do you wanna use motion sensor - just to trigger screen on/off in case human body detected? If so check out PIR-motion sensor from 3rd party modules on github.
    I guess these module is still under development.
    P.S: In RPi terminal - is your console (you opening Terminal (black window) and in order to launch MagicMirror software you type into Terminal - “npm start”)

  • @Sultan91 Thanks, I ordered those parts on Amazon too since I haven’t gotten much response here.

    Really hope that one’s easier to figure out.

    I launch MM by typing “pm2 start mm”. How do people watch the console after they launch it? Someone said to check the logs…?

  • @Centurion To watch cromium console hit crt+shift+I, to check Terminal just push alt+Tab

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