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MMM-ImagesPhotos - Show images from a directory

  • There are no pictures on my mirror. It seems like the module doesn’t load.

  • Thanks a bunch for this module. Seems to work great maybe some pics show up more often than others. Curious what formats it accepts?

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    I’m going to think it accepts all formats…nothing is specified…

    @markus220 did you check the developer console to see if there are errors? Did you use the right dir format?

  • Very nice module.
    I have about 2000 pictures in the Upload directory, all resized to 100 kb.
    But the module only shows about 50 of them.
    Why does it not show the other pictures?
    Any idea?

  • @Peter

    What does your config look like? Where are your images? What type(s) are they? I tried making a folder with 100 files (well over 50), but that seemed to work fine.

    Do you have the photos in multiple folders/paths? If so, have you tried removing the path of the photos that work to leave the other paths (to determine they work)? Have you tried adding treatAllPathsAsOne: true to your module config?

    What is the content of photos.txt if you type curl http://localhost:8080/MMM-ImagesPhotos/photos > photos.txt into a separate console (while MM is running)?

    Don’t post it all here, but if there are not several thousand entries, the module is not seeing all of your files (but you knew that).

  • @ninjabreadman solved.
    I did something stupid.
    I had 70 pictures (5mb each) and it caused trouble, so I resized them to 100kb.
    But I also have 2 sd cards …
    I put 2000 pictures (100kb) on one card and left the 70 (5mb) pictures on the other card.
    And then I changed cards …

  • @Peter At least it’s fixed! Cheers.

  • I like this module, but I would like it to start hidden by default in order to add the possibility of making it visible with voice command (use alexyak / voicecontrol). I have tried several options but I have no results.

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    Take a look at the Hello-Lucy files. You can adapt what you find there to alex yak voice control. 🙂

  • I realize this might not be the fault of the module, but many of my images display with the orientation incorrect on this module. I open them on my Mac, and the orientation is correct. I open them in the built-in image viewer on the raspberry pi, and the orientation is correct.

    I’ve tried using exiftool to remove the orientation settings entirely with no success. I also tried using exiftool to change the orientation with no success.

    My magic mirror is in portrait mode, so I wonder if that matters, but the built-in viewer has no problems.

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