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Display lastest pics from insta hashtag

  • I am still thinking of different ways to create this one so I thought I’d drop it here to see if anyone else has something to contribute.

    I’m interested in a module that displays the latest pics/post from a particular instagram hashtag. For example, show latest photo tagged with #leadfarmersmartmirror.

    Any ideas how to create it?


  • +1 this would allow me / my friends to add pics to my mirror without a seperate instagram account and posting twice

  • I know that the instagram third party module allows posts from your own account (which I assume you’re doing @onetwankyfive?) but being able to see public posts from a hashtag would be great.

    A hacky way that I tried is to position an iframe over the hashtag browser >

    but nothing displays as if instagram is somehow blocking this method?

  • @kapsolas any ideas?

  • Any luck with displaying instagram via iframe?

  • @techcoderun unfortunately you can’t display Instagram in an iframe (they’ve blocked it) and unless you’re a registered and approved commercial app you cannot use their API to fetch public content.

    Only thing you can do is use the API to access your own content. See the MMM-Instagram module.

    Only thing I can think of to make this work is using an emulator to run the Instagram app locally and iframing that. More effort than it is worth haha.