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Can a Module be written for any Bluetooth Device?

  • I am trying to connect several bluetooth devices and display the data from each device on one central screen (like a hub). I thought the Magic Mirror Platform might be a good solution, but I can’t seem to understand what exactly is needed to write a complete and successful module for just one bluetooth device. What are the requirements an IoT device in order to get it to communicate and display data through the Magic Mirror?

    For example, one device I’m trying to connect is a 3230 Bluetooth Smart Pulse Oximeter from Nonin Meidcal Inc. I am able to see and pair the device with the Raspberry Pi 3 but it has no functionality since I don’t have a program to interact with the device. This is where I was hoping to create a module for the device in order to display its data onto the screen, but again I’m not sure if it’s even possible for this device.

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