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  • Hello, im looking for a module to display my smart home devices. I use iobroker with a lot of devices and adapters who turns my lights on and the heating and so on. i would like to have the states from the devices on my mirror. it is possible?

    here a link for someone don’t knows about iobroker:

    thank you

  • @fischi87 Hello… it is possible to show a website on a MagicMirror. If it es possible you can create a VIS visualisation with ioBroker and show this on the mirror.

    edit: you can look for the iFrame module. It’s the easyest way to do it. 🙂

  • thanks for ur reply but i want for example display witch lamps on or such things like the email module oder calendar. that is the goal 😉

  • @fischi87 hmm… first: sorry for my bad english. I’m a german ioBroker User 😉 … soo: if you use the iFrame Module you can show a website on the mirror. If you use VIS to create a interactive website for this wondeful mirror (I want such a mirror too - it’s really amazing) you can show all the states of lamps, doors, windows usw… if you change the state, you will see it on the fly on this VIS website.

    Maybe I don’t understand your point of view, because I don’t have a MagicMirror. Here is the main forum adress for ioBroker in english - maybe you can ask there for a solution.

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