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Any options for old iphone

  • Before I go crazy on google, does anyone know if there are any decent apps that I could use on an old iphone 4 as a dashboard for a magic mirror? I’d be happy with maybe just time and weather. I have tons of scrap two way acrylic that would fit into picture frames and even more old smartphones sitting in a box. I would love to put them to use and maybe give small magic mirrors as gifts to people.

    I saw something about speculum on github but it looked like it was for android. I also have no problem jailbreaking my old iShinies if there is a solution on cydia.

  • On the android side I’ve seen a number of people just view a webpage from the device. That’s probably the easiest way to go on the iPhone side – just use Safari to browse to server hosted elsewhere.

    If you’re looking at having an iPhone host the server, that sounds like ugly development work to me.

  • Yeah, ugly development work is not for me. I saw someone on reddit that setup an apache server on the pi and hooked it up to their tablet, but you can still see the notification bar and all of that crap at the top.

  • I don’t know if you solved this yet, but there is an app for that… it’s called Morning. Panic used to have an amazing app called Status Board but they have discontinued it 😞 . But if you’re looking for a basic one, use Morning.

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