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US Weather Alerts

  • I think a module for US weather alerts (watches & warnings) could be very helpful. Especially when your MM is in a highly traveled area as mine is.
    In my head, I can imagine a watch or warning come up in the middle or bottom center part of the screen with a weather icon (see attached) and the description / expiration of the watch/warning.
    Example: “TORNADO WARNING for xx County until 10pm”
    The National Weather Service already provides data feeds for watches, warnings, and advisories based on state and county. These are based on RSS/ATOM/XML or CAP feeds. Within each alert is a header with specific information pertaining to that alert.
    Example: " .NEW. " shows up when an alert is new followed by an event designator “TOR”, “SVR”, “FFW”. The expiration time is also included (maybe clear the alert from MM at expiration time)

    Just an idea. Thought it’d be cool since MM’s are becoming more popular and are being placed in public and highly trafficked areas.


  • I know my way around these alerts and the different parameters they include. I simply do not have the coding experience to make I happen.
    If someone wants to play around with this idea, by all means contact me and I can explain some more of the parameters and information included in an alert.

  • Something similar to this, however for the US.
    Example Weather Alert Module

  • So beyond NOAA where else in the US would this data be scraped from?

  • I know this is old, but I was able to modify the forecast-io module to show weather alerts