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  • This suddenly stopped working yesterday, it now displays ‘Current commute is --’ , without a time. I had made no changes/updates to anything.

    I have tried two new API keys, and also a different route, no change. I have also done a git pull but that showed the module was up to date. All other modules, including Weather Underground and Google calendars are working, so there’s no connectivity problems.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  • Hi,
    I think I have seen this behavior when you are outside of the time window where this module queries Google. In your case it stopped working on Saturday, so I guess you have specified “showWeekend: false” in your config.js file? Or maybe that is the default setting and when you add “showWeekend: true” to your config, it should work again?

    I have seen this “Current commute is --” when I was working late and was outside the window of startHr/endHr.

    Cheers, Daniel

  • Yes that was it, thanks. I’d set false and forgotten it.

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