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MMM-newsfeed - ignoreOldItems

  • Re: MMM-newsfeed

    I’ve seen that pull request #789 introduces a new option to ignore old items in the news feed module.

    1. is there any particular reason why this is a global property of the newsfeed module instead of being a property of each single feed?
    2. or are there any workarounds how one could achieve such thing (i.e. having distinct time limits for every RSS-feed)?

    For example, I’ve mixed actual news from New York Times and special offers of my local supermarket published via RSS-feed in the module. These offers are updated roughly every week. There is no point in seeing 7 days old news but on the other hand, limiting the module to ignoreOlderThan: 1 day prevents me to see the special offers of the supermarket longer than 1 day…

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