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Solved: Station Monitor for NVV Kassel

  • As other people here in the forum I would like to use a module which shows the departure time for the station next to me. The only thing, maybe different is, that my home town is Kassel.

    At the moment there I have two difficulties. First, I have no experience in javascript programming and I found no usable API for getting data. I suppose it is based on the Hafas software.

    What I have, is a base url which probably provide the wanted data.

    My hope is, if I have a API which is simliar to other APIs, used in other modules, that I can take one of this module as a base for the application case I want to realize.

    So maybe, there’s somebody out there with informations about the API and/or the programming of javascript?

  • In between, I found the module MMM-Departures from BenGig. It fulfill all my wishes.