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Schedule update?

  • I have created a module that would display Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) in Hong Kong. The tough thing would be there are multiple route will stop at one bus stop, and I need to find the URL for each route. So my program will have several parts.

    • At load time, it will generate URL for each route

      • It will load all the routes that will go through that bus stop

      • Then for each route I need to find the corresponding URL for each route

      • For each route it will find out the corresponding ETA URL

    • For each ETA URL, it will poll every minute and update the info in Magic Mirror

    But there are few problems here.

    • I would like to update the ETA URL “Every 5am”, how the schedule can be done?

    • Currently my work only support one bus stop but I would like to include multiple bus stops, how could I change the structure in node_helper.js to accommodate that?

    Thanks in advance

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