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  • Hi

    I’m having issues with the MMM-Dublin-Bus module created by dr4ke616 ( I made the installation with no problems and the config.js does not show me any errors, but the module is not appearing on the magic mirror itself. The log does not show any errors either.

    I have test it in a Raspberry pi B+ with Jessie Lite using Midori as a browser, and a Raspberry pi 2 with Chromium. I am having exactly the same results on both systems (at the beginning I thought that it was some kind of incompatibility with the browser but it seems unlikely).

    I know that is a looong shot but, has anyone there be capable of make that module work?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • I’m using the module and I have been able to get it working, try this in the config.js
    module: “MMM-Dublin-Bus”,
    position: “bottom_left”,
    config: {
    stopNumber: 111,
    updateInterval: 10,
    mode: “dom”

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