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MMM-NetworkScanner - "residents" are offline but they should be online

  • Hi all
    MMM-NetworkScanner module works, but whatever I put in “residents”, seems they are offline

    module: ‘MMM-NetworkScanner’,
    position: ‘bottom_right’,
    config: {
    devices: [
    { ipAddress: “”, name: “Mobile”, icon: “server”},
    showUnknown: false,
    debug: false,
    showOffline: true,
    keepAlive: 60,
    updateInterval: 30,
    residents: “Mobile”,
    showLastSeen: true,
    occupiedCMD: {notification: ‘REMOTE_ACTION’, payload: {action: ‘MONITORON’}},
    vacantCMD : {notification: ‘REMOTE_ACTION’, payload: {action: ‘MONITOROFF’}},

    IP is on the same subnet as Raspberry, I can ping both from devices from my laptop (I can access conf page), but the device name and icon are grey (offline). Any idea?
    I’ve tried IP, MAC - the same result, tried another IP (network printer) - also offline…

    thanks, Zdeněk

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