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Minor cosmetic adjustments

  • Hello,

    I’m pretty new at all this and using it to learn, about raspberry, Linux and carpentry so please can I ask for help in simple steps! Thank you for the forum and the help its been brilliant so far.

    I’m building a magic mirror and attached is a screenshot of the screen setup so far. In the end I am going to have quite a big mirror with this screen on the bottom right with the clock about half way up the overall mirror.

    0_1466335957846_Magic Mirror.png
    I have 2 questions:

    1. How do I stop the Calendar and weather jumping up and down as the RSS news feed is 2 or 3 lines, is there a way of making it fixed to the middle right (I couldn’t see that as a listed position)?

    2. How do I make just the clock bigger?

    Thank you for any help.

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