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Mirror Glass - Pilkington Mirroview

  • Hi, I’ve just had some samples of 6mm Pilkington Mirroview arrive and I wanted to ask some advice.

    I have 2x samples, one is 50/50 and the other is 70/20.

    The 50/50 is extremely clear and fairly easy to see through when there is a little less light on the outside.

    The 70/20 has a much sharper definition of the screen that is behind but it gives a slightly yellow hue over the screen and any photos taken using the camera behind the glass. Using a flash on the camera negates the effect on the photos but not on the screen obviously. Has anyone else experienced this and is it an issue with colours being displayed or is there a way to get around this?

    Many Thanks


  • @djphilg I realise your post is about a year old, however, this may still be useful for other people experiencing the same issue.

    If you have strange colour hues when taking photos then try using a Grey card to set the white balance when setting up at your photobooth event

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