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German "Umlaute" (ä, ü, ö, ß) in compliments module

  • Hi guys,

    I have customized the compliments-module to my needs and added my own compliments. Therefore I’ve used German and phrases containing so called “Umlaute” like "ä, ö, ü and ß).

    Unfortunately it shows me the following encoding issue whilst I’m trying to place the word “Genieße” which means “enjoy” 🙂


    I already assumed that this must have to do with the encoding of config.js.
    When I open config.js with WinScp editor I get the following:


    With Notepad++


    I have changed the encoding to UTF-8, saved the file and uploaded it to my MM. But… without success, after a restart of MM and the pi the issue is still there.

    Do you have any advice?

    Thank you!

    PS: Since the compliments module is a default module I’ve opened it in this area. Please feel free to move the topic.

  • @beck0r I’ve got at least one “ö” in my compliments and it works; not sure why, though. You can try using an external .json file for your compliments, since thats what I did.

  • Ok so here’s what I did to get that going

    • At first created my own .json file named “custom_complis.json” at the following path
    			module: "compliments",
    			position: "lower_third",
    			updateInterval: '20000',
    			config: {
    				remoteFile: 'custom_complis.json'
    • Restart MM
    • At this point the “umlauts” we’re still shown as unknown characters
    • Connected myself to the pi via WinSCP and browsed to my custom .json file
    • Opened my “custom_complis.json” file with notepad++ and changed the encoding to “UTF-8”
    • Restart MM -> Working

    Thank you

  • errr… after a restart of the pi the custom file doesn’t load anymore 😞
    I don’t get it…can somebody help me?

  • @beck0r I guess you changed something 😉 just restarting doesn’t brake anything.

    1. So, what do you see? Standard compliments? Nothing? Error message?
    2. Does it work with compliments embedded into config file?
    3. Could you post config and remote compliments file?

  • @Anhalter42
    Sorry I was a little bit frustrated after a long day in front of the PC… I have validated my code against JSONLint aaaaaaaaaand… a single quotation mark " was missing in the middle of the file 😉

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