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Calendar Location

  • Hello together,

    i want to add the location to my calendar.

    I managed to change the calendarfetcher.js to expand the “summary” with the location.

    var title = “Event”;
    if (event.summary) {
    title = (typeof event.summary.val !== “undefined”) ? event.summary.val : event.summary + " (" + event.location + “)”;
    } else if(event.description) {
    title = event.description;

    Actually i would like to have the location in a second line under the summary.

    Barbeque with Tom______Tomorrow
    at Home
    Dentist___________________in 2 days
    Panoramastr. 1, 10178 Berlin

    Unfortunatelley my knoledge how the modueles work and the output is created is insufficient.

    Any chance this will make it into the module? Or some input where to start with changing.

    Another Idea would be to combine the Location with MMM-Traffic. E.g.

    • only for the next entry add the travel time behind the location
    • turning yello when time to leave
    • turning red when travel time is longer than time left to the event.


  • +1 for this idea, not sure how hard it would be to do but I believe its in the .ical file.

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