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Home made 60" touch Magic Mirror

  • Hi I started my own photo booth hire business ,which Magic Mirrors are taking over,I couldn’t afford the £6000 to buy a magic mirror ,so I built my own for £1500 ,iam now doing Weddings with it ,and making a living from something I built at home

  • @scooter Nice! Looks so good! I’ve spoken with a few DIYers that plan on shooting through the mirror for their booth. Wedding photography is my second job. It is always inspiring to hear others following their passion and making a living from it. Where did you get the IR touch display frame? If you don’t mind?

  • Hi Maria ,2 point touch frame from Ali Express £120 60" smart tv ,dont use 50/50 mirror glass you see too much tv thru it ,70/30 perfect,social booth software now includes magic mirror upgrade ,hope that helps ,Jim
    Hi Maria 2 point touch frame from Ali express £120.50/50 mirror glass lets too much tv thru usr 70/30 perfect,social booth software now upgraded to magic mirror ,any more questions please ask. Jim0_1498722485676_100_9738.JPG

  • Info sent by Pm that might be of interest …Quote …Just a standard clear 6mm wide led strip ,it goes in the frame where glass is supposed to go ,as the mirror is in and flush with the main structure on top of the tv cushioned with foam ,the type of foam used in camping ground sheets .tv is also cushioned in same material ,so no vibration gets thru to tv or mirror,I think 2 touch is fine for the software iam running and keeps it simple ,perhaps more than one person can sign their pictures at a time using higher touch ,but then you have half a dozen kids touching the screen at the same time ,yes it was the same price i got mine obviously its got to be toughened.The IR frames seem to work well driver free with windows 10 ,would’nt work with windows 7,make sure the tv has a good remote pick up .the cushioning should be cut away to expose the tv IR receiver so the remote can hit it thru the glass.Lap top has to be set to portrait when it detects an Hdmi output ,returning to normal when you switch the mirror off,start up laptop then tv .hope this helps,I got the 60" he has only 55" left

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I’m excited to work on a touch screen smart mirror in the future 🙂 I appreciate the help!

  • Hello you did a very good job. I live in Istanbul and I do research to do the same. You can write the materials you use.

  • currently building a Magic Mirror booth as well…have the tv, IR frame, glass and camera…willing to share some construction photos?

  • No Probs here are some pics ,you can see the way i built the frame ,Cladded the ply with high gloss black formica ,use Bond It high impact adhesive ,dont leave glue to long as it grabs the formica ,mine has room for a cy printer at bottom,and shelf for laptop,its a heavy beast lol.![0_1499798576168_WP_20170227_003.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Latest promo video showing the home made magic mirror

  • Amazing job Jim! It looks absolutely stunning!!! May I ask a few questions?

    1. Firstly could you help me to know where to purchase the glass from?
    2. Secondly, what material did you use to make the flight case, Astroboard? Or another material? 7mm?
    3. Lastly, your frame looks amazing! Is that possible to buy online?

    Thank you in advance!


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