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Small tips for developemnt on OSX

  • Module Developer

    I’m not a developer. Once(past 10 yrs) I was, but no more now.
    So these small tips might be not the best. And even many people might already know…
    However I want to share with you.

    These tips are working on OSX.(Your mac should be in the same network with RPi) But I think these are possible in Windows also.

    1. VNC : You don’t need any additional Monitor for development or configuring RPi(raspbian Jessie or Jessie lite)
      If your raspbian has VNC Server (like X11VNC Server), You can see your raspi screen with your Safrari browser on your mac. Just open your safari and navigate to vnc://your-rpi-ip (eg. vnc:// It works perfectly. No additional vnc viewer is needed.
      If you want to use Chrome, you can use this plugin.

    2. Sharing file system.
      If you installed Netatalk in your RPi, you can see your RPI files in your OSX Finder. You don’t need any FTP.

    VNC setup and sharing file system instructions are here.

    1. Remote text editor instead nano
      I always don’t like all the text-editors on the shell, VI, emacs, nano… 😛
      I recommend for developing. Textmate and SublimeText are also good. If you use one of these, you can open the file from Shell to your OSX GUI-editor.
      for Atom
      for Textmate
      for SublimeText 3
      (Technically, all these 3 use the same program - rmate)

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