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Tv Shows Tracker

  • Hi,
    I don’t know if it exists, but I’m looking for a module that would track the TV shows you selected and tell you when the next episode is coming up and how many episodes you missed. Just like the Next episode app, TVshow Time or Teevee3 for smartphones.

    For exemple, it would tell me that the next game of Thrones episode is in 10 days (can’t wait), and the next episode of Suits is in 6 days and that i’ve missed 2 episodes to be up to date. Whenever i watch the episode(s), i just check it in my phone and i would ajust on the mirror too.

    I’m a newbie here so excuse me if there’s already such a thing.

  • Module Developer

    You can use iCal format (.ics) feed URL with the calendar module.
    But, there is few .ics feed for TV shows. I searched some channels and services but I could not find any good.
    Some provide feeds with the subscription fee. And Some provide only event itself to be imported to your calendar app directly, but not calendar feed for the subscription.

    Anyway, here are some links.

    Episodecalendar : free until 20 shows; you can find ical feed from settings.
    FollowShows You can see the instruction here

  • check out sonarr… it generates an ical and is unlimited for shows

  • thank you both!

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