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Calendar and CalDAV

  • My email/calendar provider only supports CalDAV as external request.

    After some investigations:

    • It’s no baikal, “?export” returns an error
    • It’s no owncloud
    • Manual ICS download with regular webmail interface returns an single ICS file with BEGIN:VCALENDAR/END:VCALENDAR around every BEGIN:VEVENT/END:VENVENT. And MirrorMirror’s default calendar component get’s only the last VCALENDAR/VEVENT in file.

    One of my ideas: Search or write a lightweight CalDAV client which converts from CalDAV to ICS. An MirrorMirror loads ICS file from local webserver like here explained (works fine).

    According to :

    • Options and Report works in REST client, but is missing
    • Response-Header says “NMMDav v0.1 CalDav” -

    Any ideas how to solve this situation? Make the calendar component more flexible/robust? Integrate an official CalDAV support?

    Switch to a better calendar provider or set up an owncloud? 🙂


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