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  • Instead of Google, you could also use Microsoft’s Bing service to get a map with accidents:

  • Good one! i will see if i can get something working.

    What i try to do is:

    • Get a map with a route to my work.

    • Get traffic status along this route.

    • Style the maps so it’s nice visable through the mirror. (black/white maps and red lines/triangels for traffic jam.

    • Abillity to switch route with @alexyak voicecontrol module. (work me = to amsterdam) (work girlfriend = to utrecht)

    This are a few wishes. But i am happy already if i get the first two working ^^ i am not skilled at node and js at all… any help is appreciated.

  • ok just for the record. if i got the most simple maps js api code:

        Simple Map

    can i just create a module with:
    var x = document.getElementById("map").id;for the div?
    var x = document.createElement("SCRIPT");for the script tags? (w3schools said it supports async and defer)
    and then create 2 functions. 1 for the src api url that i can callback within the script tags and 1 for the initMap that i can callback after the scr url?
    Is this good thinking or is it not that simple?

  • i am feeling close but also so far far away ^^ ghehe

    	defaults: {
    	start: function(){'Starting module: ' +;
    	initMap: function(){
    		var map;
            map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), {
              center: {lat: -34.397, lng: 150.644},
              zoom: 8
    	getDom: function() {
    		var wrapper = document.createElement("div");
    		var mapdiv = document.getElementById("map");	
    		var maps = document.createElement('script');
    		maps.type = 'text/javascript'; maps.async = true; maps.defer = true;
    		maps.src="" + this.initMap;
    		return wrapper;

    This script hangs… and it prevents other modules loading…

  • I am also trying the bing option seperately but also no result. I’ll keep trying. I am wondering why there arn’t any scripts on the web yet. I think this is for there experts among us ^^

  • i found a example of bing maps:

    Anyone who can turn this into a module? I already tried but no succes 😞

  • @tyho so what exactly you’re trying to implement? What would be a use case here for the MM?

  • @alexyak What i tried to create is a map view from my home to my work. With on this map the trafficjam/delay. (google can do with the red orange green lines and bing with the triangles). With this map i can see in the morning when i wake up, if i have to leave earlier because of traffic jam. This where my first thoughts for the module. (but with my ms frontpage experience i can’t get this working ^^)

    As a second thought i had in mind to use your voice module (or facial recgnition module) to switch between my map and that of my girlfriend. So another map is loaded.

    In the google static map that i already created there is no option to add a traffic layer.

    In both google maps and bing maps there are style options to make the map black and white for better display. and for example the traffic jam could be red displayed.

  • @tyho alright, now I understand your requirements… I can’t promise, but will try to have a look at this over a few coming days.

  • @alexyak that would be awesome. I guess there will be much interest for a module like this looking on the topic views ^^

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