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Where to buy ready-made frames or frame kit for 16"x20" Smart Mirror?

  • Hi everyone!

    I live in a high rise in Chicago and do not have access to any woodworking tools (other than what fits in a regular toolbox). I’m using a thin computer monitor (less than 1" thick). I bought my 16x20 smart mirror from Two Way Mirrors, but now I need a frame.

    The obvious problem is the thickness. Ready-made traditional frames aren’t thick enough (obviously). Two Way Mirrors also own a frame shop, but no ready-made kits for frames.

    I’m okay hiring a carpenter to put the frame pieces together. I’d rather have the bezel already cut out of the frame pieces, if possible.

    Does anyone have a good source for a 16x20 smart mirror frame (either already assembled or in pieces)? I haven’t come across one yet.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Module Developer

    How about ikea or any other picture frame maker? Most of them could supply cutom sized. You can purchase 2 and glue them back-to-back. Consider it.

  • @Sean Awesome idea. Thanks!

  • Module Developer

    In Gemany, You can consider Uni-box. It is made for Sammeln. It has enough thickness and be compatible any other normal frame. But I don’t know whether it is available out of Europe.

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