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Calendar for Exchange? Not office 365

  • Has anyone gotten a hosted exchange calendar to work? if so can someone help. Im at a lose where to even begin…

    1. if it’s allowed by your eXchange admin, there should be possibility to publish .ics to internet (
    2. if not, create account on and than run your Outlook, go to Calendar and choose Publish online. To location enter something like (you can see in on your account page on icalx - maybe could use “public”, I didn’t try) and choose properties (how many days, level of access…) and Publish. It will probably ask for credentials to icalx account. Now you have public .ics adress (on icalx server) and you can put it to default calendar module (i used “basic” level of security and it works)

    hope it helps (for me it works - eXchange 2013, Outlook 2016)

  • Thank you for this advice! It really helped me down the path. The issue lies in that I can only share “busy/free” time from my calendar and so it is all not of much use to me 😞

  • @pingywon how comes? When I click on Publish Online I can see something like alt text and in second frame you can set free/busy, or full details - I’ve set Full details and on my mirror I can the datils of appoitment.


  • I have not tried it exactly that way. I have gone into the webmail and looked at the cal settings. Tried to publish it to the web that way and it gives me a permission error. Saying it can’t share limited or full.

    Worth mentioned that my exchange is hosted in the cloud. I think it’s a provider setting.


    I have not tried it the way you are doing it there with sharing it with “someone” if I set it up to share with “me” will it email me an .ical link?

    Cause I think that might work. I’ll try today.

  • Yeah- great advice but still a no-go for me. Our Exchange is hosted and the hosting company wont allow me to share the calendar in any form other they busy/free. I emailed them we shall see what they say…

    Any way I can get me calendar to sync with gmail and then share the gmail calendar? Just thinking out loud here.

  • @pingywon There are (by Google) some free apps to do that, but they need to run on comp all the time (means to have still running comp with this app). Sorry, I can’t help you 😞


  • @pingywon You can try AkrutoSync, I know it’s good syncing software with free trial, maybe it will help.

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