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Request - Google Reminders

  • Hey,

    Would love to see an module similar to the calendar core module that shows upcoming modules. I can also help program it too. Just need help getting started and seeing if anyone else is able to help with the development.


  • It’s been a year since posted, but maybe others are interested. Reminders in Google Calendar don’t look like they can be delivered in ical/ics format, so this might be a good opportunity to build a module.

    A simple approach could be a converter/proxy that shows reminders as an .ical feed so you can use the default calendar module. It would then show reminders alongside calendar events. This could also save some space on the mirror.

    A separate module would be straightforward and simpler for others to understand and setup, though. Maybe a module that takes up zero space when there are no reminders?

  • Please some body make it happen. there is a one google birthday calendar display module also with google people API. can’t we do some thing like that?

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