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Apple Calendar (Noob)

  • Hi All.
    MM2 is my first Pi project… and am happy that it has been a success (for the most part!)

    i have read through the forum topics relating to calendars, and i cant find anything directly related to apple calendars (everyone seems to use google calendar)

    i cant seem to display upcoming events. it always shows “no upcoming events”

    i see other people have a list up to a month in advance etc… which is what i want to see… but i can’t seem to get that on mine…

    ive changed the url from beginning with webcal:// to https:// and added maximumbumberofdays: ‘30’ also but this has made no difference.

    has anyone had a similar issue with apple calendars… (i don’t want to use google calendars as i share an apple calendar with the ex so i know what my son is up to etc.

    other than that, MM2 is awesome! and i am going to have a play atalternative modules. maybe somehting like a photo of the day or something similar…

    many thanks in advance for your advice

  • @leefincken I was able to use the webcal url, but I had to make the Apple calendar public. This was the only way I found it to work. I’d prefer the calendar to be private, but Apple only allows sharing of private calendars with other iCloud users.

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