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Request regarding the Rotten Tomatoes module.

  • Hello everyone, I’m finally finishing up my own Magic Mirror project, but I’m running into a little problem. I’m not very good at coding myself, and I’m having a problem with the Rotten Tomatoes module made by AdamMoses (the reason why I’m posting here is because he was last seen online 6 months ago and I’m guessing he’s no longer active on the forum, so I was hoping someone else could help me with this)

    What I’m trying to do with this module is have the module be placed at the bottom, and the opening/coming soon box on the left of the screen, and the box office box on the right side of the screen. I currently have the module aligned at “bottom_bar” but when I do this the boxes of opening/coming soon and box office get placed below eachother.

    To quickly show you what I mean, here’s an image as to how I want to order the module…

    alt text

    Hopefully someone can help me with this.

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