Calendar Don't show edited events

  • Hello!
    I’m a real newbie at MM but is trying to build my first, but I have som problem with the default Calendar module.
    It will not show edited appointments that I have in my calendar.
    I have a work-schedule as All-day events, and if I edit one of the events if my workday change that specific day, the calendar don’t fetch the change. It show the original appointment. First I thought something was wrong with my Calendar. But then I tried MMM-CalendarExt, and whoops, it showed the real editet events, so now the same gmail-calendar show different events on my mirror. Is the default calendar module “caching” events and don’t read them again? or anyone having some clue why it’s not updated?1_1506923333807_calendar2.JPG 0_1506923333806_calendar1.JPG