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Problems with calendar module

  • Hi !
    Currently I am facing two problems with the calendar module.

    1. The number of entries isn’t limited, although I asked for max. 8 entries
    2. One google calendar isn’t shown, although there are 7 others that can be displayed.

    Is there anyone, who can tell me, what I did wrong ?

    The relevant parts of my config.js:

    		module: 'calendar',
    		header: 'Kalender der Familie xxx',
    		position: 'top_left',
    		config: {
    			getRelative: 0,
    			timeFormat: 'absolute',
    			dateFormat: 'ddd D.MMM HH:mm',
    			fullDayEventDateFormat: 'ddd D.MMM',
    			urgency: 3,
    			fade: false,
    			maximumEntries: 8,
    			calendars: [
    				{	// Kalle
    					symbol: 'bicycle',
    					url: 'webcal://'									   
    				,{	// Familie xxx

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