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MMM-CalendarExt - name for different calendars

  • I have twenty-something ical-files linked into the MMM-CalendarExt in a daily view. I have not been able to configure the looks entirely to my liking yet, but first things first. What I need is to name the different entries or somehow create a logically system of recognizing what is what.

    So - is there any way that calendar entries can be appended a suffix with a calendar-name? So that the 10.30 event showing a meeting could be shown as “cal1: Meeting with John 10.30-11.30” instead of “Meeting with John 10.30-11.30”.


  • Module Developer

    There are two ways for that.

    1. Use replaceTitle:
            calendars :[
                name: "trash",
                symbol: "recycle@md",
                replaceTitle: [["/^(.)/", "TRASH:$1"]],
                styleName: "style19",
                url: "webcal://",

    It will add “TRASH:” to each event title of that calendar. you can adjust this. (Watch out the expression)
    This trick could be useful when you want to prepend some text per calendar.

    1. Use CSS
      add this in your css/custom.css
    .CALEXT .style19 .eventContent::before {

    This will add “STYLE19:” to each event title which has class style “style19”. This trick would be useful when you want to add text per each style.

    PS. Why don’t you use symbol or color or style for distinguishing events?

  • The #1 solution is the one I have been looking for! Thanks!

    Ps. - the reason is that I am adding 25 different calendars, and the idea is to make some kind of scheduling possibility for desks. We have people working at different locations, and when they arrive they need to easily see that “John” is busy working at a different location, so that they can use their desk.

    If this was a perfect world, I would be able to integrate some kind of timeline-view, kind of like the outlook planning assistant so this would be even easier to read…

  • Module Developer

    So… Do you need some time-table style schdules view? I’m considering to add that kind view for school-lessons, work-shifts or offline-seminar schedules… something similar with this;

  • Yes! That would be awesome!! That is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    Just to make a comment on the layout you’ve chosen - if you make it horizontal it could potentially take up less screen real estate while providing the same easily readable information. An appointment now need to be wide enough for the words it contains. Making the boxes with a height of two lines and with based on time would give you more information on less space.

  • Module Developer

    Yes. I’ll consider your suggestion.
    I cannot promise to release that function soon. 🙂 I have not enough time to dive into. But I’m trying to do. Wait a some long time. 😃

  • Sweet!

    just to ask - how long do you think is a some long time? Are we talking three, six, twelve, eighteen months?

  • Module Developer

    This is not my job. I’m just hobbyist. Frankly said, currently I’m just considering. Because I have no idea about good UX for that view. Anyway I hope to release it in this year. But the result might not be the same with your expectations. 🙂

  • what if I made a suggestion about looks? I could do a mock-up image for you as a layout for it?

  • Module Developer

    Ok. give me some idea. my email address is listed in my profile.

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