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My MM is not very stable

  • Hello Volks
    My MM runs for about 3-4 month now I think. Autostart with PM2. Last Version of MM2
    reboot twice a day ( 05am and 05 pm) But in 75% of all reboots something is not working.
    Sometimes PM2 doesn’t start MM, sometime no weather is comming up or the wounderlist is empty.
    Then after reboot it maybe works, but mostly not with one of the above issues.
    Any Ideas ?

  • Maybe your network isn’t ready yet, before MM starts.

    I once had the issue, that my dhclient was not delivering the correct IP for the gateway in time, so i needed to set it up fixed.

    Maybe its good enough in your case, to put a little timeout in your starting script. 5sec should be enough i guess.

  • Thank you for that tip … I tried that, and I think it would work better with fixed IP on eth0. But I need WiFi to connect. I will give fixed ip on WiFi a few time to show if it works.

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