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Module to show PDF Documents

  • As asked earlier by some others, is there a module to display PDF documents? Could not find anything.

  • Module Developer

    PDF showing might be available. I can find there are a few node libraries for displaying PDF on Electron.

    But the real problem will be the user interface. Do you just want to see only fixed one page on your Mirror? with full screen? how do you want to scroll or flip or search the page? Usually, mirror has very limited human interface - no mouse, no keyboard. voice control? infrared activation? ultrasonic gesture recognition?
    I believe It could be possible, but not easy.
    Maybe it would be better to use your PC or tablet for reading some PDF documents, not on Mirror.

    So, If you want to show just some contents fixed, please, consider to convert them to easier format like text, html or images.

  • ok i’m not a developer so can’t create my own modules for me so i have another solution take a picture of this and show it on the screen so ,
    how can do it with a jpeg document ?


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