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MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor: Show callers of two phones? (one DECT and one FON)

  • Great piece of software! I implemented it some time ago and im pretty satisfied! Works like a charm! Thanks PAVIRO/JOPYTH!

    But i have one question:

    What can i do with the “deviceFilter”? Its described by the documentation like that:

    *"You can enter the names of your real phone devices here (optional).

    Example: deviceFilter: [“firstphone”, “secondphone”].

    Possible values: array of strings
    Default value: [ ]"*

    Lets say, i run two telephones at my FritzBox (one DECT phone and one “normal” FON phone - connected via a telephone-cable):

    All i can manage, is that both telephones are shown (if i leave the array brackets of deviceFilter[] empty).
    When i enter the name (like “telefon_one”) of my DECT single phone, nothing happens.

    How can i configure the module that only my DECT phone is shown?

    Thanks for your information about that…


  • Alright, found the solution by myself: The “deviceFilter” option is ment to be an “exclude” function. So, if you have two phones like me, just put in the name (which is stored in your router) of the phone you DONT want to display in the module.

    No clue what the problem was - but it works now… 🙂

  • Next problem occured:
    There are three kinds of entries in my fritzbox caller list and the device names the calls are directed to:

    • telephone1
    • telephone2
    • unknown (NULL, empty Entry)

    I can filter out telephone1, but cannot the entries with unknown/ NULL (no name, just nothing is stated).

    So, how can i filter these unknown caller entries?

    If i try the empty brackets with the deviceFilter Option, but nothing happens…

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