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MMM-Facial-Recognition proplems

  • I’ve gone through the set up, made a training.xml, and python gives me me

    Strong: User1

    I’ve added the module in the config

    modules: [
    	module: 'MMM-Facial-Recognition',
    	config: {
    		// 1=LBPH | 2=Fisher | 3=Eigen
    		recognitionAlgorithm: 1,
    		// Threshold for the confidence of a recognized face before it's considered a
    		// positive match.  Confidence values below this threshold will be considered
    		// a positive match because the lower the confidence value, or distance, the
    		// more confident the algorithm is that the face was correctly detected.
    		lbphThreshold: 50,
    		fisherThreshold: 250,
    		eigenThreshold: 3000,
    		// force the use of a usb webcam on raspberry pi (on other platforms this is always true automatically)
    		useUSBCam: true,
    		// Path to your training xml
    		trainingFile: 'modules/MMM-Facial-Recognition/training.xml',
    		// recognition intervall in seconds (smaller number = faster but CPU intens!)
    		interval: 2,
    		// Logout delay after last recognition so that a user does not get instantly logged out if he turns away from the mirror for a few seconds
    		logoutDelay: 15,
    		// Array with usernames (copy and paste from training script)
    		// users: ['Andre'],
    		//Module set used for strangers and if no user is detected
    		defaultClass: "default",
    		//Set of modules which should be shown for every user
    		everyoneClass: "everyone",
    		// Boolean to toggle welcomeMessage
    		welcomeMessage: true

    And given different classes to the other modules. some just for me

    classes: 'Andre',

    and some for everyone

    classes: "default everyone",

    But the mirror doesn’t seem to see me, cause it only shows the modules that are set up for everyone.

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