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email-mirror not retrieving emails

  • Trying to setup email retrieval via imap and not seeing what the resolution is here. I’ve setup the module and configured it per instructions then restarted MM. It loads up just fine, but displays no emails in the module area. My GMail account is configured to allow access from less secure applications already.

        module: "email",
        position: "top_left",
        header: "Email",
        config: {
            accounts: [
                  user: '',
                  password: 'youDontNeedMyPasswordSilly',
                  host: '',
                  port: 993,
                  tls: true,
                  authTimeout: 10000,
                  numberOfEmails: 2,
        fade: true,
        maxCharacters: 30

  • Mine stopped working months ago with the latest MM update. Not sure how to resolve it also.

  • @ronny3050 any thoughts?

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