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Random quotes (with API)

  • Hi,
    I’m looking for a module that gives random quotes.
    I found a couple module but they are all local database based. I would like something that is bound to an online service.
    The advantage would be that quotes database is updated without having to update th module.
    Somebody knows an existing module like this? If not, I will create one. Do you know available free API of quotes?

    Self hosted database module I found:

    I have the app “Momentum” on my Chrome browser, there is a new quote everyday at the bottom. I really like those quotes but I don’t find the API which provide them.

    Thanks a lot for your help !

  • I haven’t found anything that fit what I had in mind so I made it.

    Here is the link to the module if you want to try it:


    • show a random quote on the screen
    • configure update interval
    • translation on the fly of the quote in the language of your choice
    • renew the quote from your module, the api or kalliope assistant

    Result (in english here)

    Renew the quote via Kalliope demo:

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