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MM Pi Zero W - strange browser behaviour

  • Following usual Pi Zero W MagicMirror tutorials this is what I got:

    Midori just doesn’t work, tried both console and desktop, result is either black screen, white screen or Connection Refused response, regardless what I put to config. Googling about Midori problem I found out that more people has/had that problem but without any solution. Connecting from remote Windows computer opens MM normally.

    Chromium is working, in some context - when I open it in Desktop, it starts everything (all modules) normally.
    When I start it in Console, it loads clock, currentweather, weatherforecast and calendar_monthly normally but doesn’t load Trello and Calendar (endless loading). When I open MM from another computer, Trello and Calendar load on both computer and raspberry!
    Also, GoogleMapsTraffic sometimes load white screen, and sometimes load normally.

    I am out of my mind already. I don’t know how to debug this anymore… I hope someone has any idea…

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